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EAA Youth Protection Policy and Program

Please read the following information carefully.  You will find the full policy and FAQ linked at the bottom of this page.

EAA’s programs have earned an outstanding reputation because of the dedicated efforts and commitment of thousands of staff and volunteers. We aim to maintain that reputation and instill the youth protection guidelines and culture that parents and guardians seek in all programs for their kids.


EAA’s Youth Protection Policy and Program sets basic requirements for EAA staff and volunteers who work with children under age 18.  It includes online best-practices training and, for certain categories of volunteers, a basic background check (U.S. residents only).* Our reason for these requirements is that kids should be safe, so we must take action to advance the safety of kids in EAA-related programs – whether operated by EAA or by one of our chapters – for the sake of the kids, their parents and guardians, and the volunteers who work with them.

All of the following persons are required to complete both the online training and background check by May 1, 2016. Both steps are necessary and the cost is covered by EAA.

· All Young Eagles pilots

· All Chapter Young Eagles Coordinators and Field Service Representatives

· Two-deep leadership supervisors (see Section 4 of the Policy)

· Volunteers who will work with youth in general:

· Four (4) hours or more at any one (1) time; or

· Four (4) times or more in any calendar year; or

· Four (4) times or more with any particular Youth.

· Note that “Volunteers” includes, among others, parents and legal guardians of any youth participants

· EAA staff

Note: While not all volunteers who will work in some capacity with youth in an EAA-related program or event are required to complete Training and Criminal History Background Checks, we strongly encourage them to complete both steps.

* At the publication date of this Policy, EAA is not yet able to provide background checks in Canada because of unique Canadian laws.  EAA will offer background checks covering Canadian residents as soon as possible.

If you’re wondering whether your volunteer activities should comply with the training and background check, please review the Policy and the Frequently Asked Questions pages on this website.

Youth Protection Training

Access Instructions:

1. In order to access the Youth Protection Training you will need to sign in to your account at If you do not have an online account, simply go to the sign in area at the top of page and create a username and password.


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